Critical Care Transport (CCT)

What CCT is and when to use it

critical care transportCCT-Critical Care Transport
*Offers a CCT-Registered Nurse, a CCT-Paramedic and an EMT

   This type of service is needed when a patient requires critical care monitoring and interventions. These patients will be unstable or have a high risk of becoming unstable and/or may have a high complexity. This is a very limited service and should only be utilized when necessary.

   We offer continuous nursing care from bedside to bedside.  We have the latest in critical care equipment, including a specialized ventilator, CCT monitor, trans-venous pacer, IV pumps, medications, surgical airways, chest tubes, 12 lead EKG with fax transmission capability, Doppler, and invasive monitoring capability among others.

   We have the latest in critical care medications available in the treatment of the acutely ill or injured. These include vasoactive drugs, sedatives, paralytics, antibiotics, emergency medications, blood thinners, pain medications, antipyretics, respiratory medications, steroids, diuretics, volume expanders, osmotic diuretics, and many more.

     The only difference between aeromedical CCT and ground CCT is mode of transport. All personnel are required to take a 10-week long Critical Care Transport class. They must successfully pass a written and practical exam to obtain the extended scope of practice awarded by WVOEMS. They are very valuable resources but very limited and used appropriately. Click here for CCT dispatching criteria.

Biggest determining factor: stability and complexity of the patient

   KCEAA has two specialized CCT trucks that serve Kanawha County and many areas across the region, providing a very limited resource.

   All of KCEAA Paramedics have been trained at a higher level and have achieved the C3IFT requirements from the WVOEMS. Click here to see what medications may be transported: Interfacility Transport Medication Classification information.

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