KCEAA Chaplain Corps

Ministering to those in need

The Chaplain Corps is a special unit of medics within the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority.Since 2000, these men and women have ministered to the needs and concerns of their fellow first responders and families during difficult times. The program is unbiased, non-denominational, and mirrors the military's tolerance and respect for all spiritual beliefs.

Chaplains exist to offer appropriate peer support to those in need through a comforting, caring and compassionate manner. EMS (Emergency Medical Service) Chaplains are truly home missionaries, providing a necessary witness of the love of God based on Scripture. A Chaplain may minister outside the traditional boundaries of the local church, within a unique subculture of people, such as to the men and women in emergency services.

The Chaplain does not replace the home church or pastor, but seeks to support the concern of every church for its members who may be in professions with special risks or needs. Moreover, the Chaplain must be for the advantage of every member of the Department, regardless of his or her nationality, race, sex or religion.