911 emergency transport

   Since 1977, KCEAA has responded to medical emergencies throughout Kanawha County, all starting with a call for help to 911.

   Last year, KCEAA responded to about 50,000 calls for service throughout the region. KCEAA employs more than 200 EMTs, paramedics, nurses, communicators and support staff, to provide Advanced Life Support emergency medical service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What you need to know if you have a medical emergency

What is a medical emergency?

Call 911 if the patient has the following problems:

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What do I do when I call 911 ?

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Help is on the way. What now?

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How do I prepare my home for help to arrive?

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What do I need to do before leaving?

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In an emergency, dial 911

Station locations
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What is a medical emergency?
Some common signs

What should I do after I dial 911?
A list of helpful information

Help is on the way.
What can I do?
What to do for the patient while EMS is on the way

What will responders need when they get here?
Getting your home ready for EMS to arrive on scene

What will my family and I need for the hospital?
Things to do before leaving home to go to the hospital

What if I need non-emergency EMS transport?
Click here for non-emergency transport